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5 Ways to Enhance Wrestling PPV Events With Costumes

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Unlike other sports with off-seasons, the world of professional wrestling extends all year around and features big pay-per-view events every month. Restaurants and bars often host events and watch parties to showcase the big events. At these viewing parties, some bars and restaurants include other elements like live wrestling trivia or dress-up contests.
To help celebrate some of the biggest wrestling events like WrestleMania or SummerSlam, get in on the theme with costume rentals. Employees and special guests may wear various costumes inspired by the world of pro wrestling. Consider some of the rentals available and ways your business taps into the pro-wrestling theme.

1. Referee Gear

No matter who wrestles inside the ring, there is always a consistent outfit: the referee. The black and white striped referee shirts are a signature in pro wrestling and have been used for multiple decades.
You can rent a collection of referee shirts for your employees to wear during wrestling events. While customers dress up as their favorite performers, the employees will be easy to spot with the signature shirts. Pair the shirts with basic black pants to complete the outfits and help build excitement for the upcoming event.
If you host extra games like trivia at your event, wear the referee costume to be known as the judge.

2. Elegant Robe

The robe has been a long-standing tradition in the world of pro wrestling. Ric Flair is one of the more infamous superstars to ever don a robe. He used some of the more prolific styles including feathers, sequins, and many other designs. Other superstars who famously wore robes include Ric Flair's daughter Charlotte, Bobby Roode, and Macho Man Randy Savage.
Robe rentals are ideal for many uses on nights of pro-wrestling events. Door greeters can wear the robes to help set the mood as soon as customers enter. Any type of party host may wear a robe. Renting a professional and elegant robe from a costume shop is much cheaper than paying the full price for one.

3. Embrace the Dark Side

Through the years, many wrestlers have a darker theme and a costume shop offers plenty of pieces to represent them.
Rent large black trench coats, black cowboy hats, and other accessories to create costumes for wrestlers like The Undertaker, Sting, or Bray Wyatt.
Take things one step further by renting a frightening mask to represent superstars like Kane, Mankind, or Abyss. Extra rentals like boots or wigs help make costumes look more authentic.

4. Formal Attire

Wrestlers may get sweaty and beat-up in the ring, but outside the ring, many of them chose to wear more elegant clothes. Through the years, superstars like Ted DiBiase, Dashing Cody Rhodes, and The Miz have been known for the suits they wear to the ring.
At big events like WrestleMania and SummerSlam, the commentators will also dress in formal attire. Current announcer Corey Graves dresses formally every night. Go all-out with a formal tuxedo. Costume shops often have formal wear with some extra flare, similar to what wrestlers will have. Suits are lined with extra elements to make them shine and stand out.
The hosts and hostesses at the restaurant can dress formally along with anyone who is hyping up the crowd before and during the event.

5. Wrestling Accessories

There are many signature accessories you can rent from costume shops to represent various wrestlers and add to the theme. The props will enhance costumes and help them look more realistic.
For example, The Undertaker was always known for an urn he carried to the ring. Many wrestlers and managers have used canes over the years. See the accessories available and chose ones to match the costume you select.
When you're ready to find great costumes for the staff of your bar or restaurant to wear to your WWE event, contact us at ABC Costume Shop. We'll give you more information on the costumes available and to see our rental prices.


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