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Costume Ideas for Fourth of July Parade Floats

Male in American Costume

The Fourth of July is filled with many traditions in the United States. While the afternoon and night are ideal for cookouts and fireworks, the mornings are typically reserved for Independence Day parades. Participating in the parade is a great way to celebrate the holiday, showcase your love for America, and create a memorable day for the spectators.

As you consider the various types of float themes, consider multiple types of costumes you want to rent along the way. Costume rentals help add to the design of a parade float and help you really stand out among parade guests.

Browse through a variety of ideas and see how an authentic costume rental really makes a difference while participating in a parade float.

American Presidents

A Fourth of July parade is a great time to celebrate our leaders, showcase their historical significance, and honor everything they've done. On a parade float, you have the option of dressing up like one of the Founding Fathers.

Most Presidents of the United States wore clothes that included layers of formal attire, and some of our Presidents have signature looks. Two of the more common costumes you may find are Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. Each costume has signature looks to help the design stand out, especially when standing on a parade float.

For example, an Abraham Lincoln costume usually includes a bow tie and top hat. The look is made even more authentic by adding a fake beard to the design.

George Washington has several signature looks you can go for when choosing a costume. You may select from an outfit from his time as a general or a more formal Presidential costume with a black overcoat and a white frill undershirt. Our first President was known for his trademark white wig which is often included as part of the costume package.

While Washington or Lincoln are two of the more common presidential costumes, other presidential costumes may be available.

American Settlers

Celebrate the birth of America by dressing up as one of the American settlers. You may choose a traditional pilgrim costume or go with any type of period design from the times. Settler costumes are known for multiple layers including dress shirts and vests.

You may also choose to dress like a pioneer who ventured across the United States in search of new land or gold. Whatever method you chose to take, you can find an accurate costume to represent the time period.

American Icons

You may dress up as a wide variety of icons from for a parade float. For example, you may choose an astronaut costume. Represent one of the heroes who flew into space or landed on the moon. You could also dress up as a famous sports star like Muhammad Ali or Babe Ruth. Or, you could pick other influential American icons like Marilyn Monroe or Rosie the Riveter. 

Authentic costumes help your portrayal come to life and look authentic while on the parade float.

US Landmark Costumes

The United States is filled with a number of great landmarks, and a unique costume would be one of these landmarks. For example, you may choose to dress as the Statue of Liberty. If you want to represent a national park like Yellowstone, then you might want to dress up like a park ranger.

For some of the caves in America, you may choose to dress up like a cave explorer including some gear and a headlamp. These costumes are ideal for matching float designs like mountains and National Park signs.

Let us help you chose your ideal costume at ABC Costume Shop. We have thousands of costumes in stock. We will help you dress up for your Independence Day parade.


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