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Costumes in 4k: Why the Little Details Matter

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When filming television shows and movies, attention to detail is more important than ever. The introduction of 4K movie theaters and television screens has created sharp detail and quality right down to eyelashes.

Paying attention to costumes is also important for 4K quality to ensure authenticity and so there is nothing distracting on the screen. As you plan a 4K production, there are multiple considerations when it comes to costumes, authenticity, and the quality of your final product.

Follow our guide for tips on creating 4K content, and the impact costumes have.

Authentic Costumes

When you record movies and television shows on lower quality film, it was easier to get away with various elements to help save the budget. You can easily see 4K, fabrics, colors, and textiles as viewers are able to tell them apart.

In the past, it may have been easy to get away with a motorcycle-riding character wearing a fake leather jacket. When filming in 4K, the leather will look obviously fake. Renting a real leather jacket for scenes can ensure small details do not become a distraction.

Not only does this include the materials used in costume, but the accessories to go with them. For example, plastic or fake jewels on a crown will look a lot different than real ones. While you do not need to rent or purchase a diamond crown for recording a scene of royalty, a close replica can help make the scene feel real.

Costume Quality

Rummaging through thrift shops for costumes used to be a cheap option for getting various designs. 4K television and movies change this perspective. The quality of your costumes matter. Old and weathered costumes will look obvious, and the choices at a thrift shop do not include the cleanest options.

Renting costumes ensures the costumes have been taken care of, cleaned, and repaired of any damage. You will not have to worry about rips, seam issues, or wear on the costumes. If a costume has become too worn, you can order a replacement so that you know you're renting the best quality for shooting in 4K.

Costumes From Different Eras

If your production takes place in a different year or era, you want to ensure the costumes are authentic. In 4K, viewers with keen eyes will be able to see modern designs and compare them to designs from the various eras.

When renting costumes, you want to ensure that you cover every last detail from head to toe. This includes socks, shoes, and clothing accessories. A majority of these items can be rented together as a full package. Keeping all of the items together as one package makes it easier to dress characters and avoid any mistakes that may occur.

Text & Details

Before the arrival of 4K, it was easy to put characters in general uniforms. For example, a plumber or mechanic could wear the same type of jumpsuit without any differences. Now, attention to detail is key in projects.

Once you rent a base costume, it's important to customize the details to ensure the text and designs match the character and story you're conveying on screen. For example, a pizza delivery driver should have the proper logo and name on a hat or uniform.

You also want to ensure there are no logos or text visible that may violate copyright law. For example, now when taping in 4K, it will be a lot clearer to see a Nike symbol on a pair of shoes. You do not want to run into any copyright issues when recording and distributing content.

Find all types of costumes for a 4K production at our ABC Costume Shop. We take great care of our costumes and can provide you with premium rentals.


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