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Fun Group Costume Ideas fora Masquerade Party

Masquerade Party Costumes
When you are invited to a masquerade party along with a group of your friends, choosing a costume theme for the whole group can be a lot of fun for everyone. It offers you the traditional benefits of wearing a solo costume - such as having the chance to express your creativity - while empowering you to feel a great sense of camaraderie with others in your group.
Embrace the opportunity to try on a different identity for one night, and consider the following ideas for fun group costume ideas. Remember, you can make dressing up as simple or elaborate as you'd like. Just keep the focus on having fun, and select a costume theme that is likely to excite every member of the group.
Classic TV Show Casts
Dressing up as cast members of a classic television show can bring out everyone's sense of humor. Consider how many people are in your group as you choose which classic TV show cast you'd like to be. If you have only four members of the group, consider going as the cast of The Golden Girls. If your group consists of only two members, you could go as The Odd Couple.
If you have a lot of members in your group, dress up as the large ensemble cast of a show like Cheers or The Brady Bunch. Try to look beyond age when deciding which member of your group should wear certain costumes. For example, grown-ups may portray the Brady kids if they want to. The more outrageous your choices, the more fun you may have.
Great American Presidents
Although people tend to think of group costume in terms of characters from the same time period, don't be afraid to think outside the box. Any cohesive theme can lead to fantastic group costumes. You may all dress up as great historical United States Presidents. This could be an especially great option if you have a large group.
Let your imagination run wild. There's no reason why Abraham Lincoln can't party with George Washington at the gathering. Encourage every member of your group to learn some quotes from the President they represent to impress fellow revelers at the masquerade party.
Superheroes and Villains
For a wide variety of options, go with a theme of superheroes and villains. That lets everyone choose from a huge pool of costumes. Whether someone wants to dress up as Deadpool like Taylor Swift did one Halloween or sport a Superman ensemble that's inspired by Christopher Reeve's classic portrayal of the caped hero, the options for creativity are nearly unlimited.
The theme will be evident when all the superheroes stand side by side, but you also have a lot of freedom to do your own thing with a superhero theme. For example, if your group consists of several couples, each couple could go as a superhero versus a villain. So a husband and wife team may opt to go as Batman and the Joker for a fun, fresh take on traditional couples' costumes.
Royal Family Members
If the members of your group are fans of England's royal family, consider going as different members of the royal family. Alternately, you may opt to go as fictional queens, kings, princes, and princesses. Take this in any direction that's fun for the group. For example, you could do a Disney princesses group or simply create your own fictional royal characters for costumes.
The most fun part of a masquerade party is the costumes. Find high-quality, beautiful costumes at ABC Costume Shop. We can help you find just the right costume for every member of your group. The best costumes will stand strong on their own and fit perfectly with your group's theme. Browse our website for ideas today.


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