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How Rental Costumes Improve High School Theatrical Programs

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Because art programs are often the first to experience cuts when school districts face a budget crisis, many theater teachers do all they can to spend as little money as possible. However, renting costumes rather than making them yourself is worth the expense. Read on to learn some of the benefits of renting costumes for your high school theater program.

Save Valuable Time

The time spent to buy supplies, measure each student, and sew costumes for every role can become a problem for any theatrical group. Finding this time is especially difficult for school groups that have only a small crew available to help with each event.

Rental costumes enable backstage workers to focus all their efforts on the scenery and the props for each production. The extra time spent on these items ensures a more professional look overall.  

Rental clothing also saves time after the show ends. Most wardrobe companies prefer to handle the cleaning of their items because the costumes often include embellishments that need special care. The ability to gather and return the costumes can help the teacher and the team to save hours of time that would have been spent caring for their own theater wardrobe.

Boost Character Appearance

Professionally crafted outfits often have more historical accuracy and finer details than handmade costumes hastily assembled by students or volunteers. The quality of the material and the professionalism of the construction will show when the acting talent hits the stage. The students will feel more confident every time they get into a professional costume.

Research into the importance and influence of clothing proves that how people dress affects how they act as well as the perceptions that others have about them. In daily life, dressing the part helps people to be more effective as students or in business. On the stage, the same rules apply. When someone wants to become a character, the process is easier when they look the part.

Reduce Storage Space

Rental costumes enable theater groups with limited amounts of storage to have more room for other necessities. Theatre groups save money when they can store their light and sound equipment safely and when they can keep props and backgrounds on hand for future use. Racks of previously worn clothing, wigs, and other accessories take up a lot of valuable space.

The risk of lost, stolen, or damaged items also increases when the storage areas become too crowded. Piles of clothing and accessories can cause disorganization and clutter. When overcrowding occurs, it becomes easier to forget what is in storage, and this results in wasted money on duplicate purchases.

Improve Group Reputation

Anything that helps the success of high school productions can draw more attention to the programs. A good reputation can increase attendance at performances to help the program raise money. Success can also mean awards and trophies in competitions that bring pride to the school and the community.

Having a quality theatrical program boosts the potential for the group to earn grants. A small grant can help a program to stay self-sufficient so that budget cuts are less of a concern. A large grant could enable the construction of an auditorium, better light and sound display, and much more.

Acting teaches students the importance of hard work, helps to increase creative thought, and boosts self- confidence. Schools can preserve and improve their art programs, and simple efforts like rental costumes contribute. At ABC Costume Shop, we have a large variety of high-quality costumes which we can tailor for any stage production. We can also custom-make costumes for your production. Contact us for more information. 


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