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Wear a Costume to an Audition

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The start of a lucrative acting career may begin in many ways. The breakout part could come from a commercial role, a lead in a local play, or a few moments on stage in a cruise line production. There is no way to know when a small performance will lead to something amazing, but each opportunity begins with an audition.
It is not easy for anyone to stand out among the many other talented individuals in their area. Most people attend many auditions before they land a single role. Even the most talented and well-known names in Hollywood have their audition horror stories. Talent, a memorable performance, and an understanding of the role help actors stand out, and a costume may help.
Draw More Attention
Everyone loves a pretty face, but not all characters are on screen because of their beauty. Know what the character is and draw attention to yourself by being this figure entirely. The impact of coming fully costumed as the character will help to keep you in the minds of everyone grading the performance. Auditioning in full costume is much more memorable than just being another face in the crowd.  
Become the Character
Dress as the role for a day or two before the audition and live like the character as much as possible. Put on the costume on the morning of the audition, and commute to the location as that character. This may mean strutting through town in breeches and hose as Sir Francis Drake, donning scrubs for a medical role, or wearing the zoot suit of a jazz-loving man of the 1940s.
Actors must transform into the character. Spend time on their voice and their mannerisms as well as their appearance to become who they are. Research how people walked and talked during the era of the character. Costumes help because shoes and clothing can control how people move and feel. Striding across the room is different in heels than in slippers.   
Do not forget the details of hairstyles, shoes, and accessories. Another important addition is a prop. Marie Antoinette would not pull out her cellphone to habitually check her texts, but she would have an impressive wig and carry an elaborate fan. Keep one or two items handy to add to the story of the character.
Keep Your Confidence
Cosplay is a popular activity where people dress as their favorite fictional characters. One study of the participants of this hobby revealed that many of them were introverts in their daily lives. The ability to be someone else enabled them to break away from their introversion and show a more extroverted personality.
By becoming the role, the actor has the potential for the same personality shift. Their confidence can shine through during their audition. Auditioning in costume can result in a more natural and meaningful performance that will stand out even more than the unique clothing or wigs.  
Avoid Unnecessary Flamboyance
It is a little overdone to arrive in a tuxedo of crushed gold velvet for the commercial role as a host at a local restaurant. Costumes do not have to mean over-the-top, outrageous gear. Instead, dressing for the role simply means knowing what the character would wear each day and replicating that look. For example, think comfortable clothing for a parent at the park or a stylish suit for a Wall Street banker.
At ABC Costume Shop, we can clothe the population of Hobbiton and dress everyone in their finest for when the queen holds court. We offer costumes for individuals and entire casts and help with alterations, custom designs, and rentals of many types of uniforms and vintage clothing. Contact us to get help with whatever you need to become any character. 


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